David Templeman

Courageous & Confident

Visionary & Lateral Thinker

Active Listener & Communicator


An Empathetic & Humble Leader


Emotional Intelligence

Empowers Future Leaders

Ethical & Honest

David Templeman

Courageous & Confident

Visionary & Lateral Thinker

Active Listener & Communicator


An Empathetic & Humble Leader


Emotional Intelligence

Empowers Future Leaders

Ethical & Honest


ILC Nominated Candidate for 2nd Vice President

“Leading our clubs from good standing to outstanding”

Thank you for visiting my website.  In these challenging times we need courageous leaders who are willing to make the difficult decisions to guarantee our ongoing success.

Please take the time to explore my website to find out more about me and how I can serve you.


My vision is of an organisation that focuses on:

  • member and club sustainability and well-being. Where every club has quality meetings, and our leaders at all levels are safe from past leaders’ interference, with clear parameters in place to allow new leaders their chance to lead.
  • our member’s needs and has 3 levels of clubs to match your requirements: Professional, Corporate and Community Clubs.
  • leadership development. Where we have created our own Toastmasters Leadership model, that embraces experiential learning and teaches our leaders how to lead.
Our future is in your hands

Why David

David Templeman - DTM, Christchurch New Zealand

Our organisation has been through and continues to face unprecedented challenges due to Covid 19.

Now is the time, more than ever before, for a strong and agile leader. We need a future International President that is resilient and can reimagine the future on the spot.

All that David has learnt as an entrepreneur over the last 30 years, has crafted him into the person needed to be our leader. A person that thinks outside of the box, a person that knows how to lead during challenging times, and a person that questions the status quo.

As we emerge from our current crisis, it is likely that the economies of the world will face a global hit, and in this environment, we need to ask ourselves, is this the time to keep pushing for growth, or should we be focusing on retention and the sustainability of our current clubs? Should we be putting the focus back onto the health of our people – our members?

Our members and our clubs are the lifeblood of our organisation, and with David having spent several years as a customer service trainer, specializing in customer loyalty; he will bring a different perspective to the Board of Directors.  His philosophy is “when the members come first, the members will last”.

However, despite all his experience and credentials he cannot make these changes without your support, and asks for your vote at the Annual Business Meeting in August in order to ensure the long term success of our wonderful organisation.


David Templeman, DTM, of Christchurch, New Zealand, is the Owner and Managing Director of D&C Templeman Ltd., a flower-growing business that he founded in 1987.  Over the last 30 years, David has grown his company from a small start-up into a limited liability company with three diversified divisions, ranging from production to end-product sales.    “I am known as an industry leader in New Zealand, one who frequently initiates innovative cultivation methods and product trends,” he says.  His main responsibilities include setting the vision and strategy for the company, as well as overseeing day-to-day operations. 

David holds diplomas in sales, sales management, marketing, international marketing, and business studies.  He is a past board member of the sales and marketing panel of the New Zealand Institute of Management.  He has an extensive background in volunteer work, including volunteering at the Canterbury Working Dog Association, the New Zealand Flower Growers Association, and the National Speakers Association. 

Being a natural-born leader, David was the captain of many sporting teams from an early age becoming self-employed at 21.

David joined Toastmasters in 1995, looking to enhance his communication skills in order to further a sales training career.  In 2004 he won the District 72 International Speech Contest and represented New Zealand in Reno, Nevada.  He has also won the District 72 Evaluation Contest in 2010. 

Finally, after being talked into becoming an Area Governor in 2012, he discovered that the leadership side of Toastmasters was about the opportunity to give something back to the organisation.  This began his real “journey of self-discovery”, where he learnt that “the more you give, the more you get”.

Following a rapid rise through the roles, in August 2018 he was elected to the Toastmasters International Board of Directors.  David worked with the board to develop, support and modify the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission

His view on leadership is “it’s great to have ability, but real leadership is the ability to identify, foster and develop the potential in others”. 

During his Board of Directors tenure, his constant out of the box and innovative thinking was, and still is one of his biggest strengths.  “If everyone just accepted things the way they are, there would never be any innovation or improvement in the world”.

David says, “The communication and leadership skills I have developed within Toastmasters have given me the interpersonal skills and confidence to take my business to heights I never dreamed were possible.” 

He is married to Celina who is a Past District 72 Director.  Between them, they try to manage four teenage boys ranging in ages 14-21, along with staff in their rapidly expanding business. 

David firmly believes that  “Leadership is about empowering others to take the lead”.





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  • Location: Christchurch. New Zealand
  • Toastmaster membership: Over 25 Years

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